Re-entry Committee

The mission of the Re-entry Committee is to empower, educate, and advocate on behalf of the re-entry community in Prince George's County.

View highlights from the recent town hall which provided statistics on how many individuals are being released each month by race, gender, and type of crime, how to start a re-entry program and who represents us for public safety, civil and criminal justice, and the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy and their role in the criminal justice system.

The Re-entry Committee members include:

Members Business/Organization
Sylvester Jones, Chair Retied US Marshall
Yvonne Felton Unshackled Ministries, Inc.
Carl Felton Unshackled Ministries, Inc.
Sonya Hopson Sage Services Group LLC
Monique Murrell Second Chance & Dreams
Sylvia Syphax Renaissance Medical Group
Al Tillman Elite Human Resources, LLC
Barbara Thomas Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform
Caryn York Job Opportunities Task Force

Their goals include:

(1) Look at policy and legislation that adversely impacts the re-entry community

(2) Advocate on behalf of returning citizens and their families

(3) Educate the public on what is re-entry

(4) Develop an online database of Resources for the re-entry population

(5) Build relationship with employers for job opportunities

(6) Empower the re-entry community

(7) Research grant opportunities

(8) Look at models in neighboring jurisdictions that work