We Serve as a Collective Voice

Know the power of your collective voice!

With over 4,300 nonprofits in Prince George's County, how can it be that 81% have budgets of $25,000 and less? Why, because they lack a collective voice and do not understand the power of advocacy.

According to Independent Sector, nonprofits have a vital role in strengthening democracy. We all know that most nonprofits were started because of their passion for a cause. As a nonprofit, you can use your voice to advocate for that cause but you must understand advocacy rules.

Know your Elected Officials
Your elected officials were voted in to represent your interests. They can help you navigate government agencies, connect to resources, and support your events. You need to contact them!

The PFC Coalition has prepared two 1-pagers on your elected officials for Prince George's County that you can download and print. (1) Know your local officials and (2) Know your state legislators

Prince George's County Council
The County Council is the legislative arm of our local government. Every four years, they are elected to office to represent your interests. We have 9 council representatives. As a business or nonprofit they need to hear what's important to you.

Prince George's County Legislators
We have 9 state senators and 23 state delegates which are members of the General Assembly for the state of Maryland. They go Annapolis each year from Jan - April to represent you. They need to hear from you and may also need your support on legislation affecting small and minority businesses or nonprofits.

We also need to put people in office who understand the economic impact of nonprofits and small and minority businesses in our community. We create jobs, we lease space, we spend dollars, and are a part of the educational system.